Totall School "GIBA"of Eyelash extension,
Eyeblow and Body make

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  • Please take the conversation in side school till get consent of personality. That is the unregretted school choosing courses .

    In regard of (Unregretted choosing school), this is just not only giving the example but it’s the good school that volume of structure and there is not just school that have a famous lecturer .

    Thinking main form every learner’s position, lecturer that fulling skill method of teaching ,
    And after graduated study still come for discussion with the school too.


  • The technique that exactly “The work of divinity” such a miracle of technology tender, will guidance you to evangelist of beauty.
  • 神化

The new beauties of figure diffusion accompaniment, even more new-frication follow varied menu by invention.

As the diffusion new beauty of figure such as Nail/ eyelashes extension/micro-pigmentation etc. has boom form last year, so that make technique, product, everybody’s progress to be accomplishing. Service and elevation of technique/researched product development here after can be push forward by to engage in a bout.

  • More than evolutions of new beauty of figure, the lecturer group are continuing ……. Those acquired also all that every one conveyed.
  • 伸化

Schools of varied are in the middle of explaining, why are this school get chosen, that is “Techniques is certainly, knowledge either established we had, moreover we interaction with honest” And can learned to get those technique. Everyone is truth to capturing.

Our impotence things for us….. That is everyone be facing for honest. We, lecturer will be such honest to make important that school can carry out

These school, technique/ knowledge/productis also certainly take in training of manners and medical specialist, to continue of intense searches the total quality.

However, also technique is certainly necessity, more than anything hospitality has to interaction as well as counseling can be seen. Our school have got receives of high valuation of business world which other school haven’t got.


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Everyday (Except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

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